Create a Workflow Engine for Originations

Bring all of your loan origination processes onto a powerful workflow engine and create a new foundation
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Empowering Servicers by Connecting the Dots

Loan Originations typically relies on a lot of third-party application and also has a system of record in place. While these different technology tools are necessary, they create operational fragmentation. With OrangeGrid you can integrate to all the technology tools and also have your entire team operate on a single, robust workflow engine so deals can be closed quickly.


OrangeGrid integrates with over 80 different technology tools and our innovative approach to web services makes it easier than ever to connect to our existing partners or add new ones.

Workflow Automation

Our workflow templates have automated rues and role-based tasks that make process and exception management simpler than ever before.

Intuitive Dashboards

Dashboards easily identify the next steps for your FTEs and the vendors you rely on while also giving supervisory roles the ability to track metrics and data across all stages of the origination process.

“OrangeGrid’s technology mitigates processing exceptions that are an impediment to timely completion of a customer’s loss mitigation solution. The workflow created with OrangeGrid avoids the processing exceptions a servicer would experience with a less sophisticated solution, thus keeping the loan within the scheduled timeline for resolution.”
James Campbell, Head of Servicing and Subservicing, Flagstar