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OrangeGrid Integrates with BankruptcyWatch

June 22, 2023
The integration introduces a revolutionary approach to bankruptcy process management for OrangeGrid clients, paving the way for an automated, single-source solution for managing any bankruptcy workflow within the robust OrangeGrid platform. With this integration, OrangeGrid clients can now enjoy seamless, real-time updates on critical bankruptcy data elements, statuses, and collection activities facilitated through BankruptcyWatch’s direct connection to PACER, the electronic public access service for the US Federal Bankruptcy Court.
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Flagstar Bank adopts OrangeGrid mortgage servicing software

February 2, 2023
OrangeGrid, a provider of mortgage servicing software, announces Flagstar Bank, a national leader in mortgage lending and servicing, has implemented mortgage servicing software provided by OrangeGrid to manage its loss mitigation processes and enhance internal efficiencies.
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OrangeGrid launches GridSource

January 11, 2023
OrangeGrid, a provider of mortgage servicing software, announces it has released a new environment, GridSource, that connects all vendor types to its default suite of products included in their mortgage servicing platform.
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Todd discusses our no-code software with Mortgage Professional America

August 9, 2022
OrangeGrid’s CEO, Todd Mobraten, talks with MPA Magazine about giving mortgage servicing customers easier options through use of innovate, no-code technology.
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OrangeGrid Chosen for Flagstar's MortgageTech Accelerator Program

July 15, 2022
We are proud to be a part of the MortgageTech Accelerator Program. Click here to read about our involvement with Flagstar and this innovative program.
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Timios and OrangeGrid have announced a strategic partnership

June 2, 2022
OrangeGrid and Timios have announced a strategic partnership making Timios the preferred provider of title, escrow, valuation, and asset management services within OrangeGrid's GridReady default management ecosystem. Additionally, Timios has made a significant equity investment in OrangeGrid to increase distribution capacity, and the companies will collaborate on a number of co-marketing initiatives to accelerate market adoption of the solution.
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OrangeGrid's Rob Pajon sits down with Coldfire

June 27, 2023

Coldfire, a boutique Revenue Growth Agency, sat down with Rob Pajon, SVP - Product Marketing at Orangegrid, to discuss OrangeGrid and our marketing strategies.

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The Speed of Innovation

March 13, 2023

In a recent Five Star and OrangeGrid webinar entitled “Getting Servicing Technology Approved: From Concept to Completion in 90 Days,” Todd Mobraten, CEO of OrangeGrid; James Campbell, EVP and Head of Servicing for Flagstar’s residential mortgage business; Jarrad Lewis, who leads the delivery management capability of OrangeGrid’s product team; and 28-year industry veteran James Vinci, CTO, Selene Finance, discussed defining project objectives, selecting the right vendor, handling complexities, and getting project and budget approvals.

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New tech helps servicers with borrowers, third parties and properties

January 17, 2023

The servicing side of the mortgage business has gotten more attention since higher rates arrived and a forecasted recession has made a rise in distressed loans more likely in 2023. "The data is already showing delinquencies [by some measures] are rising, and inflation is compounding that," Todd Mobraten, co-founder and CEO of technology vendor OrangeGrid, said in an interview.

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It’s a New Year: Renew Your Focus on Cashflow, Clean Up Your Pricing Model, and Protect Your Business (and Yourself)

January 13, 2023

If you’ve traveled enough you’ve probably experienced a “Go Around” - your flight is about to land when suddenly the pilot juices the engine, pushing you back in your seat as the plane quickly regains altitude and banks away from the airport. While it’s jarring and can even be upsetting to some passengers, a potential crash, whatever the cause – strong winds, other aircraft on the field, an improper approach, etc. – has been averted, and the plane comes back around and lands normally some minutes later.

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Creativity Found In The Oddest Place

December 7, 2022

Todd Mobraten, OrangeGrid CEO, talks to National Mortgage Professional about Flagstar’s Loss Mitigation technology solution and how OrangeGrid builds process layers and automation around all segments within mortgage servicing utilizing its unique architecture.

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Pivoting in the Storm

November 21, 2022

Seemingly overnight, market conditions for FinTechs have become bleak. The combination of rising interest rates, declining real estate values, mounting inflation, and extraordinarily tight capital markets have led to widespread layoffs in our industry. Maybe we should have seen this coming - one of the storylines you read a lot about is that FinTechs were overvalued anyway, etc., - but none of that really matters now.

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Don’t Fight the FinTechs – If You Can’t Beat ‘Em Join ‘Em

October 19, 2022

FinTech operators are full of stories about the frustrations of convincing stodgy bankers to care about our product, overcoming their objections to our pricing, and then dealing with the horrors of vendor management. Why does it have to be that way?

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Todd Mobraten Speaks at 2022 Five Star Conference

September 26, 2022

The Servicing Tech: Innovation by Necessity panel was part of the conference’s Servicing & Compliance lab and involved five other industry experts who discussed the role of artificial intelligence in the servicing industry, the need for agility and constant innovation in a highly regulated industry, and the role of strategic partnerships and client, vendor collaboration as default volume and technology demand increases.

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Tell, Show, Tell Part II – Ace Your Software Demo

September 20, 2022

Well, apparently I’m not alone in my opinion that most software demos suck. Last month’s column on how to make your demos better – my Tell, Show, Tell method – struck a nerve with lots of folks. I guess I’m not the only one who has spent too much time in PowerPoint Hell! The point of the Tell, Show, Tell approach is to bring structure to the act of showcasing your product, which may be your most important sales activity.

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Mortgage tech newcomers break down old walls

September 12, 2022

As servicer’s are faced with scalability challenges and compliance requirements, OrangeGrid’s inclusion in Flagstar’s Mortgage Tech Accelerator graduating class sets a foundation for the future of default loan servicing technology with its innovative, no-code technology. Click here to read Todd’s interview with National Mortgage News.

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CEO, Todd Mobraten, offers Loss Mitigation help for mortgage servicers

August 15, 2022

OrangeGrid’s CEO, Todd Mobraten, talks with Finopotamus about the need for automated solutions in default loan servicing. Click here to read the full interview.

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Tell, Show, Tell – How to Make Your Software Demos Great

August 9, 2022

Denis Brosnan gives helpful advice to FinTech companies about demoing their products.

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OrangeGrid launches Loss Mitigation Initiative to offer Mortgage Servicers enhanced default servicing capabilities

July 27, 2022

OrangeGrid, a provider of mortgage servicing software, has launched its loss mitigation initiative to enable the company to provide more focused default servicing capabilities to the mortgage servicers. The initiative is designed to offer its users the ability to quickly scale up when facing sudden increases in the number of default servicing requirements without having to hire large numbers of new staff.

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OrangeGrid hires and promotes to support increase in demand for mortgage servicing technology

June 29, 2022

OrangeGrid has hired and promoted several new team members to support the rising demand for automated mortgage servicing software that maximizes profitability by simplifying the way servicers manage their workflows across legacy systems and reporting tools.

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Accelerate Sales by Avoiding Buyer Distraction

June 23, 2022

Our very own President, Denis Brosnan, talks with National Fintech Organization about a revenue generation model and improving satisfaction in the buying process for FinTech companies.

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After Quietly Moving Its HQ to DFW, OrangeGrid Sees Growth in Mortgage Loan Servicing Business

June 8, 2022

Our CEO, Todd Mobraten’ s conversation with Dallas Innovate. He discusses OrangeGrid's recent move to Dallas, TX and shares the products disruptive and new approach to tackle challenges in the default servicing market.

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Navigating the Relationship Dynamics of a First Financial Sponsor Raise

May 18, 2022

Securing their first round of institutional funding is both an achievement and a necessary springboard for FinTech founders. Written by Denis Brosnan, our President.

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Systematizing FinTech Revenue Generation

April 12, 2022

Read about a systemized approach to revenue generation written by our President, Denis Brosnan, for NFO.

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Don’t Forget the C in Your RTW Plan

March 22, 2022

Denis Brosnan, our President, writes about using returning to work post-COVID as an opportunity for leaders.

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How To Make Sure You’re Adding Value

February 18, 2022

Our President, Denis Brosnan, pens an article for NFO about the ways you can ensure your company is providing value.

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Fitting Into FinTech

February 10, 2022

NFO discusses their plans to educate and connect FinTech’s, business leaders and investors.

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