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OrangeGrid’s innovative low-code/no-code software makes it possible to implement a new digital ecosystem in as little as 90 days.
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The Application Builder

OrangeGrid’s low-code/no-code architecture is designed to empower business stakeholders and their internal IT resources to easily build automated workflow templates, dynamic dashboards, and role based tasks to solve operational needs and create data continuity. The solution can be licensed and access via the cloud or install locally and adapts to fit the intend business use case across an organization.

Process Layers

Loans are moved through the life cycle via automated workflows, ensuring important deadlines are met, assignments are made and documents collected.

Roles & Teams

Custom dashboards show each team and its members exactly the data they need...when they need it.


Assignments are made in real time, behind the scenes, based on your business needs...even to outside vendors.


Data is king, and OrangeGrid provides you with the single source of truth. Custom reports are generated automatically at pre-determined intervals or pulled on the fly.


Documents are collected, generated and stored in your unique digital ecosystem, making vendor oversight even easier.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions for Out-of-the-Box Problems

Default Loan Servicing Suite

Each segment of the default suite combines powerful workflow and integration capabilities with intuitive user interface tools and can be implemented in 30 – 90 days.

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Mortgage Origination Suite

Bring all of your loan origination processes onto a powerful workflow engine that utilizes role-based tasks and dynamic dashboards to keep the entire team on track to close deals quicker.

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How It Works

OrangeGrid's unique architecture creates a scalable and highly configurable relationship between File Structures and Process Tracks, which are extensible and can meet any business process gap or need.
Digital Ecosystem

Our architecture is unique in that everything is driven by the relationship between File Structures and Process Tracks creating a single pane of glass view into your entire portfolio. The File Structures (parent) can be spread across a variety of Process Tracks (children) making data aggregation and navigation extremely transparent.

File Structure
Process Tracks
Rules Engine
Workflow Automation

Replace macros and BI reporting mechanisms that your operations rely on by easily activating workflow templates for all default servicing processes. Our workflow templates have automated rules, existing and easily added API connections, and role-based tasking that make process and exception management simpler than ever before.

Page Layouts
Dynamic Tasking

All automated workflows come with pre-built tasking for the servicing organization and any associated vendors attached to the process. Our dynamic tasking makes it easy to collect data and documents, manage timelines, and get answers to process related questions for the purpose of streamlining production management.

Dynamic Tasks
Data Fields
Intuitive Dashboards

Every default workflow template comes with an intuitive dashboard that acts as an entry point for user specific action items. Dashboards easily identify next steps for your FTE’s and the vendors you rely on, while also giving supervisory roles the ability to track life of loan metrics and data across all stages of the default process for maximum oversight.


Single Pane of Glass

OrangeGrid Dashboard on computer
Reporting & Search Tools
  • Search Engines
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Adhoc Exports
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Image/Doc Libraries
  • Quick Links

Reusable Object Libraries

Self Administration
  • Grid Control Access
  • Independence for Build and Enhancements
  • Allows for resource fulfillment
OrangeGrid workflow on computer screen

OrangeGrid is currently integrated with these technology companies and data providers.

The OrangeGrid Deployment Process

Our deployment strategy is designed to give our customers big wins as quickly as possible by following a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Deployment Model. This is accomplished by identifying our customers' biggest pain points and crafting an impactful technology build that only takes 90 days.
Data Collection

Customer existing processes, data sheets, and documents are collected to create an initial project scope

Deep Dive Session

In depth sessions with internal stakeholders and conducted to flesh out requirements and pinpoint the Minimum Viable Product needs

Solution Development

Our solution design team creates specification documents and process maps to outline all components of the customer build

Product Presentation

A business requirements document (BRD) is delivered and executed by both parties to solidify the MVP parameters

Config & Testing

Our configuration team builds the product, internal and user acceptance testing is completed


UAT approved build is migrated to production and the customer build goes live!

Workflow & Events Hierarchy

OrangeGrid’s unique architecture allows businesses to have their parent data span across unlimited process layers in a single environment which reduces fragmentation by maximizes operational efficiency through workflow automation.
hierarchy of OrangeGrid