GridSource FAQ

How do I become a GridSource Vendor?

Step 1: Add the Services you will be providing to OrangeGrid customers:
Log in> Go to Admin Menu > Select Organization > Click on the Services tab. Once on the Service tab, click the + sign and select the Service Name(s) you want to provide to OrangeGrid customers.

Add Service Tab

Step2: Add the Territories you cover:
Log in> Go to Admin Menu > Select Organization > Click on the Territories tab. Once on the Territories tab, select the Service Name and fill in the state(s), counties, cities, and zip codes you cover.

Territories Tab

Why do I need to put my credit card information during registration, and how does the digital wallet work?

The credit card you put on file will fill your digital wallet with money that will be used to pay the technology fees associated with each order you receive through OrangeGrid. The digital wallet must have enough funds to cover the fees incurred. If you would like to have your digital wallet be attached to an ACH instead of a CC, contact your OrangeGrid account manager.  

How do I put money into my digital wallet?

Log in> Go to Admin Menu > Select Organization > Click on the Wallet tab. Once on the Wallet tab, click the + sign, put the dollar amount you want to add to your wallet, and hit the add button. This action will pull money from the payment method associated with your GridSource account and add it to your digital wallet.

Add funds to wallet

How do I update/change the credit card attached to my GridSource account?

Log in> Go to Admin Menu > Select Organization > Click on the Payment tab. Once on the Payment tab, click the pencil icon and put the updated/new credit card information.

payment tab

How do I complete domain verification for my company, and why is this needed?

Since OrangeGrid's vendor network is a B2B model, all GridSource vendors must register with a registered business domain. Once registered, domain verification is required to ensure that the newly registered GridSource vendor is a legitimate business.

To complete domain verification: Log in> Go to Admin Menu > Select Organization > Click on the Domains tab. Once on the Domains tab, you can add your domain by clicking the + button and get a step-by-step walkthrough on how to verify the domain by clicking on the instructions link. If you need help, work with the IT systems resource that set up your domain.

Domain verification

An OrangeGrid client has sent my organization orders for the first time; how do I receive business from them?

The first time an OrangeGrid customer selects your company to complete a vendor service, you will receive a request to partner with them. From your dashboard, click on the Add Users to Partner link, hit the + button, and add the email addresses of users within your organization to grant them access to that clients' work orders and tasks.

How do I access tasks from my OrangeGrid clients?

When you log in to your account, you will automatically land on your Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you will see the list of clients you work with, and for each, you will have links to access open tasks, past due tasks, and completed tasks.

An OrangeGrid client has canceled the work order they assigned to my organization; how do I get refunded?

OrangeGrid batch processes refunds in 30-day intervals. You should expect a refund within 30 days of the order's cancellation. The refunded amount will be placed back into your digital wallet.

Is the information I upload into OrangeGrid secure?

OrangeGrid's client base requires that we adhere to strict security requirements. The data in our system is confidential, and we are required to be AICPA SOC certified and compliant for annual technology audits.