Each segment of the default suite combines powerful workflow and integration capabilities with intuitive user interface tools. The baseline functionality for each segment in default already exists and your company specific needs can be implemented in 30 – 90 days.

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Foreclosure Track

Timeline Governance

Chronology Oversight

Loan Package Checklist

FC Attorney Tasking

Document Management

Expense Tracking

Communication Log

Attorney Scorecards

Bankruptcy Track

BK Data Intake

Chapter-Driven Processes

Event Tracking

Referral Monitoring

Attorney Scorecards

Compliance Oversight

Attorney Tasking

Closing Matters

Loss Mitigation Track

Borrower Intake


QC Review

Trial Payments

Appeal Monitoring

Document Tracking

Mod Execution

Short Sale & Deed-in-Lieu

REO Track

Agent Tasking

Valuation Ordering

Property Preservation

Eviction Monitoring

Listing Process

Offer Management

Title and Escrow

Closing Fulfillment

Preservation Track

PPR/REO Workflows

Bid Tracking

Cost Estimator

Service Order Tasking

Allowables Management

Before/After Photos

Vendor Scorecards

SLA Monitoring

Collections Track

Embedded VOIP Module

Automated Call Queue

Call Recording Tool

Borrower Status Tracking

Escalation Management

User-Based Permissions

Autogenerated Mailers

Correspondence History

Vendor Track

Vendor Profiles

Onboarding Checklist

Licensing/Insurance Tracking

System Generated Scoring

Capacity Balancing

Assignment Matrix

Fee Management

Performance Oversight

Inspection Track

Waterfall Order Logic

Investor Rules Engine

Vendor Integrations

First Time Vacancy

Securing Oversight

Code Violations

Hold/Cancel Process

Vendor Scorecards